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财务分析与决策 | Financial analysis and decision making

Delivered online

Tsinghua University
13 weeks

Course description

Financial decisions and financial management are drivers of business performance and success. Financial data plays a vital role in business strategy, planning, and positioning. Learn the basics of financial statements, the conceptual framework of financial information and its relationship to firms’ strategic positioning and strategy execution.

By completing this course, you will learn how to assess and use financial information to make informed business decisions.


What you’ll learn

· – How to think with a financial mindset

· – How to use financial knowledge when making business decisions

· – The basics of financial systems architecture

· – How financial data plays a role in strategic execution and positioning

· – 用财务语言解构企业的价值创造过程

· – 帮助学习者理解影响价值创造的各种因素

· – 培养将其应用于商业决策的能

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