Charles Darwin University

Bachelor of Environmental Science (BES)

On Campus - Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Charles Darwin University
SATAC Course Code 114921
Enrolment Date(s):
Semester 1 and 2
3 years

Course description

This course is a professionally oriented, multidisciplinary program that enables students to acquire a broad base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in unique environments of the Northern Territory. It includes a strong focus on environmental science and management in tropical and desert environments in the Australian and Asia-Pacific region. The course provides students with a thorough knowledge of environmental science and management, together with the ability to access information efficiently and apply scientific methodologies across a hierarchy of scales ranging from the level of organisms in communities, through to landscape level ecosystem functioning and global processes in order to evaluate, understand and predict the nature of environmental change.

Students will be able to explore the wider significance of human impacts on the environment and undertake specialisations and units that focus on climate change and variability, wildlife biology and conservation, natural and cultural resource management, marine and coastal management, invasive species, biodiversity and Indigenous perspectives, and the relationship between people and landscapes.

Graduates gain employment in professional areas of environmental science and environmental management, or proceed to higher levels of research training.

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