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We understand you are balancing work, family and other responsibilities. We want to make your transfer to Bellevue University as smooth as possible. If you have already earned an associate’s degree, then you are well on your way to completing a bachelor’s degree because we accept your entire associate’s degree. There are many ways at Bellevue University to accelerate your degree completion, including receiving credit for training completed on the job or in the military.

88%* of Bellevue University’s 2013-14 graduates were able to successfully transfer college credit to help complete their bachelor’s degrees.

Transferring Credits

  • If you have already earned an associate’s degree from an accredited institution then all those credits will be accepted. Credits earned may fulfill our General Education Core Curriculum requirements for a traditional or accelerated bachelor degree program.
  • If you have an associate’s degree or close to 60 college credit hours, your credit can be applied toward an accelerated bachelor’s degree. Complete your degree in less time when you apply your previous credits and experience. Accelerated degrees are offered in-class or online, many of them in the cohort format.
  • If you have fewer than 60 credits – we have many ways you can earn credit beyond the classroom, including credit for training on the job or in the military.
  • If you are transferring college credit to Bellevue University and have not obtained an associate’s degree, talk to us. Bellevue University has an open transfer credit policy, so you won’t have to repeat the courses you have already taken. We’ll help you to complete any general education requirements that you haven’t already met.
  • If you’re transferring to Bellevue University with a bachelor’s degree, you will only need to complete your major-specific courses.
  • If you are seeking secondary education certification, see more about our teaching program in partnership with Concordia University in Nebraska, on the Articulation Agreements page.

Accelerate Your Degree Program

  • Bellevue University’s Accelerated Cohort program can help you complete your bachelor’s degree.
  • Cohort programs provide you with a community of peers who have similar educational and professional goals.
  • Cohort programs allow you to learn from the shared real-world experiences of your classmates.
  • All cohorts are offered online for flexibility.
  • Most cohorts offer an in-class option.
  • Accelerated cohorts can save you time and money.

When you have earned at least 60 credit hours or an Associate’s Degree, you’re ready to enter an undergraduate cohort degree program.*

How does it work?

When you enroll in a cohort learning experience, you’ll join a group of classmates who have chosen the same degree track. You’ll go through your entire degree course-by-course with the same community of peers. All members of the cohort benefit from the shared experiences and diverse perspectives of individuals in the group.

Undergraduate Cohort

You only need to register for your courses once. Your student coach/advisor will check in with you on a regular basis to make sure you’re on track to graduate. Our cohort programs are delivered over a 72-week timeframe. You will complete 49 credit hours that will be applied toward your degree. Cohorts consist of 3 components:

*Determine how your previously earned credits qualify under Transfer Credits.

Graduate Cohorts

Cohorts are also offered for some Masters Degrees. See the Degrees listing or contact an enrollment counselor for more information.

Benefits of a Cohort

  • Highly interactive learning environment where everyone participates and you learn from each other
  • One time enrollment into all courses
  • Allows you to be enrolled at full-time status while only focusing on one class at a time
  • Working adults find it feasible to earn a degree in shorter amount of time
  • Promotes networking and professional connections amongst classmates

Foundations for Professional Success

This course demonstrates Bellevue University’s commitment to developing a skilled graduate by laying the foundation of essential skills that you will carry with you through the duration of your degree program and beyond.

  • 4 credit hour foundation course for each cohort major
  • 6 weeks in length

You will cultivate essential skills for academic and professional success:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Citizenship

In addition, you will apply successful learning strategies to your studies and become acclimated to the cohort format prior to entering major coursework.

Major Requirements

Major coursework is centered on developing career-relevant skills. You will learn from instructors with first-hand industry experience and who apply teaching to real world scenarios.

  • Cohort sessions vary in length, with one to three courses per session.
  • You will take only one course at at time or in some cases, two courses per session.

See the individual degree program’s Curriculum page for specific information on cohort major credit hours, courses, and major-specific requirements.

Kirkpatrick Signature Series (KSS)

The Kirkpatrick Signature Series is the Capstone course to all Bellevue University undergraduate degrees.

  • 9 credit hours (3 classes, 3 credits each)
  • 12 weeks in length

Learn more about this dynamic course and the University’s Center for American Vision and Values.

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