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Turn your Ideas into Objects

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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23rd October 2017
5 courses

Course description

This Specialization will introduce you to the magic of 3D printing. Through a series of four cohesive courses and a hands-on capstone experience, you will acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools to turn your ideas into objects! This specialization has been developed by faculty experts from the Illinois MakerLab (the world’s first 3D printing lab in a Business School) along with industry experts from both Autodesk (a leading 3D software firm) and Ultimaker (a leading 3D hardware firm).

You will obtain a rich understanding of what 3D printing is, how 3D printers work, and how this new technology is being used by both individuals and firms to revolutionize our world. In addition, you will acquire a set of skills that will enable you to create digital designs that you can transform into physical objects. These skills can be used to help you launch a career in the growing field of 3D printing, be the 3D printing expert in your current firm, or just make the things you need.

Watch a Video Overview of the specialization.

If you sign up for the full Specialization, you will also obtain significant discounts on 3D printing hardware (via Ultimaker), software (via Autodesk), and services (via 3DHubs & Shapeways). Combined, these savings represent a value of over $700, which more than pays for the cost of the specialization. To start with, check out offers from our partners in US(Dynamism) and Canada(Shop3dCa). Other countries coming soon!

Entry requirements

No background knowledge is required!

Please select the following links to copy and paste into your browser’s search bar to view the technological requirements for each of the following software elements used in this course:



Autodesk Fusion 360:


123D Catch: Same as Tinkercad