Advanced AI on Microsoft Azure: Ethics and Laws, Research Methods and Machine Learning

Delivered online

Enrolment Date(s):
21 December 2020
9 weeks

Course description

Upskill for work in the fast-growing fields of AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) skills are frequently listed among the most in-demand workplace skills in the current and future job market, as organisations seek to harness AI to revolutionise their operations. The field is exponentially growing, and legal frameworks and ethics are struggling to keep up.

This comprehensive professional certificate is designed to cover an entire skill track to help you take your AI career to the next level. You’ll cover the laws and ethics of AI, data research methods using the Python programming language, advanced machine learning principles and the design and implementation of an AI solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Get to grips with the ethics and laws relevant for AI practice

This professional certificate will develop your understanding of the standards of right and wrong that guides moral conduct in the development and use of AI technologies.

You’ll learn how to apply data research methods for ethical and legal work in analytics and AI, and gain an in-depth insight into the foundation of ethical and legal frameworks.

Discover how machine learning can be used to build predictive models for AI

As well as growing your knowledge of AI ethics, you’ll learn how to develop machine learning models with Azure machine learning. You’ll discover how software can be used to process, analyse, and extract meaning from natural language. You’ll also process images and videos to gain an understanding of how we see the world in the way that we do, and will learn how bots are created and enhanced with QnA Maker and LUIS.

Learn how to implement data science research methods using Python

This course will also provide you with in-demand practical Python programming skills as you discover how to plan for analysis of data using Python.

This hands-on, online course is designed for students and professionals aiming to start or develop their careers in the artificial intelligence, analytics, data science and machine learning skills industries and sectors. It’s specifically suited to those who are looking to become IT professionals, data analysts, researchers and scientists, software developers, cloud specialists, applied mathematics and statistic teachers and practitioners, Chatbot developers and AI engineers.

Entry requirements

In order to join this professional certificate course, you’ll need to have a basic knowledge of maths, statistics, programming (Python would be an advantage) and C# or Visual Studio.

You should also have some experience in working with data from Excel, databases or text files, as well as a willingness to learn through hands-on practices.