University of Leeds

Environmental Challenges

Delivered online

University of Leeds
13 weeks
$495 +£300

Course description

5 courses + 1 assessment

Explore how people and nature interact, and earn 10 credits from the University of Leeds

The Environmental Challenges program consists of five short online courses that look at the relationships between people and nature, and the challenging and difficult decisions we face when managing natural resources.

You will see through case studies and discussions that environmental management policies not only need to be economically and environmentally sound, but they also need to be formulated with social fairness if they are to be sustainable.

Accessible for free on desktop, tablet or mobile, the five courses can be taken in any order, providing a flexible way to enhance your environmental management skills and demonstrate your continuing professional development (CPD).

Academic credential program

When you complete all five courses in the program and obtain a Certificate of Achievement for each, you will be eligible to join a final assessment course that leads to the award of 10 credits from the University of Leeds.

10 weeks recommended learning
3 week assessment course
$495 AUD (course costs)
£300 GBP (assessment cost)
5 courses + 1 assessment
10 credits from the University of Leeds

The Environmental Challenges program is suitable for anyone with an interest in environmental management and natural resource management. Completing all five courses will enable you to:

  • understand the importance of justice and fairness in environmental management;
  • identify the different types of values applied to nature;
  • explore the role of language in the way we perceive and interact with nature;
  • investigate the mathematics of natural dynamics;
  • and assess the impact of conflict on the environment.