Get to know GDPR

Delivered online

2 hours

Course description

This free online course has been developed using the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as per EU law and has selected the information you need to know if you are working with personal data. This new framework came into law on 25 May 2018 and many people are still not sure what the standards are, how they differ for personal and organisational data along with the penalties that apply.

We will cover the following subjects: What is Data Protection; Principles of Data Protection; Your Rights; Consent; Data Subject Access ; Data Breach; Data Transfers; Requirements for a EU GDPR Representative (and a UK Representative post Brexit); Administrative Fines; and How to apply the relevant law.

The course has a final assessment, requiring you to achieve 80% in order to pass. The team at Propelfwd want you to enjoy this course and believe the teaching techniques used will help you to retain this important information. So, if you or your company need to learn about the any of these data protection topics, a great place to start is by doing the course now.