Introduction to digital photography

Delivered online

2-3 hours

Course description

Learn how to compose the perfect shot using your digital camera with this free online photography course.

This free online course will teach you the most important functions and techniques of digital photography that will give you the confidence to use your DSLR correctly and help you take the perfect shot every time. Lots of people have digital cameras but don’t know how to use them. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, digital photography can be complicated! But, with a few clever techniques, you can learn how to take truly incredible photos.

You will then be guided through different styles and techniques of photography such as landscape photography, street photography, and wildlife photography, so that you can decide what style interests you most and start developing your own. To bring you to an even more professional level, you’ll learn about the works of key photographers and the early history of photography. You’ll then learn about the Rule of Thirds, the essential equipment needed for a photo shoot, and how to identify the key attributes of different types of image files.

Photography can be inspiring, and with photography skills you can capture those really wonderful moments forever. But more importantly, taking a cool photo is just good fun! And it really is less complicated than you think, this course can introduce you to so much in just 3 hours. These are skills you can use any day for the rest of your life, even to start your career as a professional photographer. So, start this course today and get beyond the automatic setting on your camera.”,