Professional business writing skills

Delivered online

6-10 hours

Course description

This course, Professional Business Writing Skills, will provide you with an understanding of the business writing. You will learn working with words to construct proper sentences and craft paragraphs. You will be able to explain how to write meeting agendas, write e-mails, write business letters, write proposals, and write reports. You will also learn about other types of documents as well as proofreading and finishing.

This course then explains Collaborative business writing. You will learn about types of collaborative business writing as well as collaborative team members and collaborative tools and processes. You will also learn about setting style guidelines and barriers to successful collaborative writing. The course will cover styles of dealing with conflicts and tips for successful business writing collaboration.

This course then wraps up with a lesson on proposal writing. You will learn how to understand a proposal how to begin the proposal writing process by preparing an outline and finding facts. By taking this course you will learn How to prepare a business proposal, write it, and proofread it. So why wait? Start learning today.

Having completed this course, you will be able to:


  • Describe how to format sentences and paragraphs
  • Summarize what you are writing about in an outline
  • Evaluate what you’ve written for proper proofreading
  • Explain how to overcoming collaborative writing barriers
  • State how to begin the proposal writing process