Delivered online

4-5 hours

Course description

Do you have a great idea for a screenplay, but don’t know how to start writing it? Have you already started a screenplay and got stuck? This course will walk you through the process of getting your screenplay idea out of your head and onto the printed page. In this course, you will be shown the fundamentals of screenwriting. Every successful screenplay work went through many highs and lows throughout the screenwriting process and to go through this process a screenwriter needs motivation. You will learn how to stay inspired and motivated through the ups and downs of a screenwriting journey. Also, coming up with screenplay ideas may not be that easy, unfortunately, we’re not all gifted with the ability to come up with a good idea for a film or tv show at the drop of a hat. So how do you do it? And where do these ideas come from? This course will show you how to come up with and develop your ideas and how to carry out research and develop a script.

Knowing the genres and subgenres of a screenplay is a vital component of a screenwriter’s knowledge-base. As you are seeding the ideas that you will eventually write, it’s essential to be able to label the genre elements of any given concept. You will be taught the concept of genre and how you can develop a story from your genre. When writing a story or a screenplay, it’s always advisable to work out the plot ahead of time so you can discover the best way of telling it to not only appease the reader but also to engage your audience. During this course, you will be shown how to write a plot outline for a screenplay. Dialogue should convey information and move the story forward, while at the same time help us understand the characters. You will be taught the concept of character, character types that exist in a screenplay and dialogue.

Writing screenplays is a long and involved process that requires a balance of key components to tell a great story. There are structures to follow when writing a story. A script is not only a story; it is a technical document and has to meet certain formatting requirements. Therefore, learners will gain an understanding of script structure and format. This course goes on to show you how to write a synopsis for a screenplay and the most common screenwriting problems and their solutions. Furthermore, selling a screenplay requires the presentation of a business idea to potential investors. You will be taught how to create a pitch that sells an idea. This course is suitable for those new to screenwriting. For this course, learners need to have basic fluency with the English language and need to be familiar with any Word Processor of choice. More so, this course is important for learners who want to have the knowledge of the key concepts necessary to write an effective screenplay.

Having completed this course, you should be able to:

  • Define screenwriting
  • Discuss the concept of motivation
  • Recognize the importance of research and development to screenwriting
  • Analyze the evolution of the genre
  • Summarize the concept of story, plot, character and dialogue.
  • Describe script structuring
  • Explain the concept of synopses, outlines and treatments
  • Discuss script marketing and troubleshooting