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The Hitotsubashi ICS DBA

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Hitotsubashi ICS
Enrolment Date(s):
March 23, 2020
3-6 years
JPY 535,800 pa
Enrolment deadline:
23 Mar 2020

NOTE: This course listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Course description

  • Individual endeavor in a supportive learning community
  • Supervised by experienced and committed faculty
  • Comprehensive course offering on different research methods
  • Intimate and frequent interaction with global leading scholars
  • Focused on you: Student-faculty ratio 1:1
  • Research and teaching assistant opportunities
  • Access to global and regional corporate networks
  • In the heart of Tokyo

The Hitotsubashi ICS Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program prepares you as a thought leader in global business by formalizing and specializing your knowledge of management theories. Our DBA candidates aspire to careers in management research, education, and practice as scholars, teachers, mentors, consultants, and executive managers.

DBA or PhD: What’s the difference?

While PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) programs generally prepare students only for academic careers even in the field of business administration, DBA programs consider a little broader career paths including consulting and management. ICS offers a DBA degree that provides the theoretical and scientific foundation required for an academic career, while assigning a similar level of importance to business-related problem-solving and practical implications.

Is a DBA right for you?
Each year, the Hitotsubashi ICS DBA program accepts a small but diverse group of both full-time and part-time students who reflect a diversity of professional backgrounds:

  • Full-time students typically come straight from a related master’s program (business administration, management science, psychology, economics, sociology, neuroscience, and others).
  • Part-time students normally include (1) business practitioners who currently teach at business schools and wish to earn a doctoral degree; most continue to work as they pursue their DBAs, and (2) business practitioners planning to move into academia.
  • We also welcome business executives who are strongly motivated to contribute to the business community through means such as writing, lecturing, and consulting.

Entry requirements

To qualify for consideration, you must have:
A Master’s, MBA, or higher degree from a recognized institution, or exemption from the DBA Program Committee. Inquire by early February if you plan to seek this exemption. For specifics, see “Qualification of Applications” in the Hitotsubashi ICS DBA Application Package
Full-time work experience of 2 years or longer, or exemption from the DBA Program Committee for full-time students
Key admission criteria include:
Sound knowledge of and interest in business scholarship, as demonstrated by the research proposal described in your application
English test scores: Above 109 in TOEFL iBT, 7.5 in IELTS Academic or equivalent
An expected GMAT score of 600 or higher
An expected GRE score of 160 or higher on Quantitative Reasoning and 150 or higher on Verbal Reasoning

Enrolment instruction

See the Hitotsubashi ICS DBA Application Package 2020-2021 for more detailed information.
Submit all application documents in English. If your original documents or certificates are written in other languages, please attach a certified English translation.
We will consider only complete applications. If your applications is incomplete upon the application deadline, it will not be considered. If your application is incomplete upon its submission, it will not be considered.
We will not return application documents to applicants.
All official documents must be originals; photocopies are not acceptable.
Please fill in your application forms using an electronic device.