Tourism – Marketing and Promotion

Delivered online

1-2 hours

Course description

There are 5 main challenges in promoting tourism. This course will teach you how to identify each challenge and show you the best ways to overcome them. It will then discuss the target audiences of tourism promotion and describe how promoters can create effective campaign materials that will appeal to both intermediaries and customers. You will also cover the advertising methods commonly used to promote tourism and outline their advantages and disadvantages.

Every customer has a different buying process. This course will teach you the 6 stages of this process and explain how the process can be used to determine the objectives of a promotional tourism campaign. You will study how tourists interact with a marketing campaign and how these campaigns help tourists to understand what the product has to offer. The course will also discuss how an advertisement can change a customer’s perspective on a tourism product and garner brand loyalty.

The tourist industry is one of the most important industries in the world, generating billions of dollars every year. Professional marketing and promotion campaigns are at the heart of this industry, which makes people who have expertise in tourism marketing highly valuable professionals. This course is designed to give you some of that expertise in a clear and simple manner. So check out the course today, and give your professional skills a solid boost in no time at all.

Having completed this course you will be able to:

  • List and explain the five main challenges to promoting tourism
  • Identify the three target audiences of tourism promotion
  • Summarise how tourism promoters can create campaigns that appeal to intermediaries and customers
  • Describe the methods of advertising commonly used to promote tourism
  • Discuss the various challenges facing tourism promoters
  • Outline the advantages and disadvantages of various advertising methods
  • List and explain the six stages of the customer buying process.
  • Describe how the customer buying process influences the objectives of tourism promotion campaigns