Transformational Leadership

Delivered online

5-6 hours

Course description

Old, outdated ideas taught in leadership courses today are from the old belief system and just don’t work for the modern leader – in fact these outdated ideas will actually hurt you in the new millennium. The free online course Transformational Leadership will teach you the cutting-edge tools, tips and strategies that really get the job done.

In this course Prof. Paul Cline, CEO and celebrity trainer, teaches you the hidden secrets that real leaders use to rise above the rest, and produce impressive results day after day. The course starts by helping you get rid of old lies and misconceptions about leading, and gives you new, empowering and effective beliefs and values. You’ll learn how to deal with staff issues quickly and effectively by improving your relationships with staff and you’ll learn how to get the most out of your team.

So start the course today and learn leadership skills and techniques that are known and practiced by elite CEOs and top class leaders around the world.