Unity 2D and C# for Beginner Game Developers

Delivered online

1.5-3 hours

Course description

In this free Unity course, you will learn about all the basic tools needed to create your first 2D game with Unity, a popular cross-platform game engine. We will explore functions in the main interface, game assets and animation of characters, as well as game logic. You will get to know the Unity interface and tools which are used to interact with objects, and you will find out where to search for and how to import game assets such as background and characters. Unity library gives you access to thousands of beautifully designed objects, and you will learn how to work with them. This software enables you to create and import your own objects into a game, and since no game object is good without movement, in this course we also cover animation. Animation is essential for any game, so we will show you how to animate a character in Unity, which includes animation components and sprite animation. These tools will help you bring all of your game scenes to life.

In this course, you will learn the basics of C# and we will teach you how to make a character jump, move and collect coins. C# is a programming language that is used for making games in Unity, so you need to understand it in order to create a game. But don’t worry, in this course, you will get all the useful information needed to program a 2D game. Even if you have no coding experience, the learning will still be simple and easy. We will cover the basics of C# and focus on a few useful pieces of code that you can implement in your next game. You will find out how to work with UI (User Interface) and you will discover how to display player scores, points or coins collected. By the end of this Unity course, you will be very confident in the basics of coding and game development.

The course is project-based as this is the best way to learn about this game engine and C#. You will not just be learning programming concepts, you will apply them immediately to your game as you go. For anyone interested in this subject, Unity is a fantastic platform that enables you to make production-quality games. If you know this tool, you can create games for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web from a single source! If you are a beginner game developer who wants to use Unity for his masterpiece but knows nothing about it, this course is perfect for you. So, why wait? Start learning today, get inspired, familiarize yourself with the basics of 2D game development in Unity, and transform your vision into a two-dimensional reality.

Having completed the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what Unity is and how to install it on a computer
  • Recognize the Unity interface, which consists of panels, tools, and components
  • Discuss game assets and explain how to import them to a project
  • Define C# and its role in game development in Unity
  • Explain how to program collectibles and character movement
  • Match a function with a task
  • List the tools Unity has to animate a game object
  • Describe how to export games to different platforms